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Not just a holiday WITH a dog, but a holiday FOR the dog!

What else our staff has for you:

We have found that the cottage is already really set up for holiday dogs:

  • easy-care floors and furniture
  • Plastic baskets in 3 sizes
  • Food and water bowls
  • Hot water shower outside
  • Dog towels
  • Dog waste bag
  • fenced garden
  • Easy-care floors, so not so bad if we are faster in there than the staff with the towels.
  • Easy-care furniture, these are actually for the bipeds, but if we jump up there, you can quickly remove the traces.
  • Plastic baskets without blankets for self-assembly, so that it smells like your home and not like the dog from before. There are sizes XL, M and S.
  • Food and water bowls so you do not have to use the dinnerware.
  • Hot water shower, brushes and ph-neutral shampoo in the garden, then we do not need the shower in to the bathroom. You get the silt with the brush from excellent and a relaxing brush massage even more ..
  • Many dog ​​towels
  • Dog waste bag for your walk with dog, please do not poop in my garden
  • Fenced garden
  • A dog kennel, no idea what that is, seems to be a kind of garden decoration, there is no food there anyway.
  • Two big storage cupboards behind the garden, one called famila and one Aldi. They are always well filled and also have tons of treats.

There are also other important offers and information for your perfect holiday:

  • For body and soul
  • Excursions, shopping, walk the dog
  • Reviews and Leisure Tips from Aila
  • Veterinarians
  • Law and order

For body and soul

Excursions, shopping, walk the dog

My service personnel Wübke has put together a lot of tips for you:

My reviews and leisure tips

  • Leisure activities
  • Freewheel
  • Swimming

Veterinarians, unfortunately sometimes necessary

Law and order

I see, the poor police dogs among you are breaking down and thinking: Will I ever have time off?

Relax, because of course your keepers are responsible for seeing what you are allowed to do here and what not.

But I give you a few important hints for Varel and Niedersachsen and you make sure that your service personnel reads the texts behind the links too, ok?

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